Monday, May 16, 2011

Guac is Love

I cannot be controlled around guacamole.  I find it absolutely divine.  Even when it's not that great, it's still amazing.  However, that being said, I can only think of two places I've had guac that is like, HOLY CRAP, that was amazing!  Anywhere else I've had guac is still edible and I definitely have to be restrained from licking the bowl - but these places REALLY stand out. The first place is Sol Cucina in Newport Beach.  The Guacamole Sol is unlike anything I've had before - it has mangos, pepitas, and goat cheese in it.  Crazy combo, but boy does it work.  Add in a margarita and my life is complete.  The other place, which I just tried last weekend, is La Sandia in Santa Monica.  I knew it was going to be good when they asked how hot we wanted it.  And I was beyond thrilled when all 3 of us at the table agreed on HOT.  None of that pansy mild crap that's as spicy as ketchup.  I like everything spicy!  Anyway, there wasn't any fancy ingredients in it other than whatever hot sauce they used, but it was definitely delicious enough that I will likely remember it and want to go back there.

Anyway, I finally started making my own guac a few months ago.  And at first try, I basically made the Best Guac Ever.  My second batch got me a high five from a random person that sampled it.  Tonight was my third batch, and it is Dinner.  And an amazing dinner at that.

My only problem with making guac is that it's sorta depressing to see how little guac 3 avocados actually makes because I have definitely consumed more guac than that in one sitting before.  Yikes.  Also its pricy but luckily my fabulous roommate has access to an avocado tree so its much cheaper than normal for me to make.

How I do it...keep in mind, I don't measure...I just make it look & taste right:

3-5 avocados
2-4 Roma tomatos
1/2 or more Red Onion
2 or 3 Limes
1-2 Jalapenos or 1 Serrano pepper
A bunch of cilantro
Seasoned Salt

Split the avocados in half, take out the pit, use a spoon and remove from the skin.  Mash 'em all up in a bowl with a potato masher.  Cut the limes & squeeze all the juice in, mix together before the 'cados turn brown.  Dice the onion very finely (I don't like big chunks of onion), add in and mix.  Slice the tomatoes and remove the seeds and juice before dicing.  Dice the I use 2 Jalapenos but last time I used 1 Serrano.  Chop up the cilantro.  Sprinkle on some seasoned salt.  And then some more because it's really good.  Mix it all up.  Enjoy!

Mmm....dinner :)

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