Saturday, February 5, 2011

Salty caramel and bacon jalapenos...a little random.

Hello, chocolate salted caramel cookies, you little molten bites of salty caramel deliciousness.  No, I didn't come up with the recipe.  I like to think I have a knack for recognizing a good recipe that is above and beyond a "normal" recipe.  I actually bought some caramels to make these cookies, and upon further investigation, realized that I needed to MAKE the caramel.  Um, not a good project for the impatient.  In fact, I almost burnt the caramel because I got bored and turned up the heat, but I saved it just in time.  So it might be more like burnt fluer del sel caramel, but still tasty.  Wrapped in chocolate joy.  If I were to make them again (unlikely to be anytime soon given the amount of projects I have on my hands) - I would make half the caramel recipe, as I did, but double the cookie recipe.  I don't think they are actually supposed to crack open and ooze out the caramel but honestly I don't care that much.  But it was definitely too much caramel for the amount of dough.  One came out perfect...I probs forgot to put caramel in that one!  The verdict:  DELICIOUS.

Click here for the'll have to click further into that page to get the caramel recipe.

And up next, Bacon Apple Jalapeno (said properly as Ja-La-Pen-O) Pop 'Ems.  Saw it on Food Network and wanted them instantly because they are wrapped in bacon and most things SHOULD be wrapped in bacon.  Then, as a tribute to the first commentor on this page, I thought they'd be a nice treat for a party I'm going to tonight.  So Happy Birthday, Adam, and thanks for being the first comment.  I promise much more bacon out of this kitchen.  I hope you like them because I find them particularly tasty! 

Bacon is good. Click here for the recipe.

This picture is mid-baking, but I had a few that finished earlier but I ate them before I could get a picture.  Look at that bacon sizzle!  Mmm.  Bacon.

More to come tomorrow, I've got two more recipes I plan on trying out so I can make dinner for a friend and make a birthday treat for a coworker.  Then I might have to take a break and eat all this crap I've made, or live off oatmeal because I've spent more at the grocery store this week than a normal person needs to spend in a month!

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