Thursday, February 3, 2011

We need ideas!!!!

So two chef-wannabes living in the same house.

Christine Noeker & Rebecca Kelcher.  Two seconds of being in the same house together resulted in a kitchen overflowing with every gadget known to man.  Except a pressure cooker and a box cheese grater, in case anyone has either of those to spare.

Betwixt the two of us, there isn't many things that we haven't made, or that scare us.  If anything, things we haven't made just plain gross us out.  There will be no pigs feet coming out of this kitchen.

But we do have lots and lots and lots of ideas.  Desserts of all kinds.  I (Christine) have been previously known as the Cookie Queen, and Rebecca is the Cupcake Queen.  Culinary delights from around the world.  Things That Are Typically Hard to Make.  We want to do it all.

What we need is a plan of action, ideas, recipes, things you want us to replicate, etc.  The goal is to make all sorts of tasty treats for our friends, neighbors, coworkers, visitors - and become even better at what we're both already good at.  So please please post any suggestions you have, and as either of us creates something new, we'll update you with our success or less likely, failure.  Oh and we want to rate everything so if you can help us with some things to rate ourselves on, that would be great too.  Pictures will also be posted! 

And just as a preview....I have the kitchen to myself this weekend but have at least 3-4 new things I plan to make.  And next weekend's plan is to replicate 4-5 types of Girl Scout cookies to send overseas to our military friends. 

Bring on the ideas, and stop over if you're hungry!  Yelp posting to come...


  1. bacon, include lots! of bacon.

  2. petit fours..i love petit fours and no one ever makes them.

  3. I think macaroons have potential, considering how darn expensive these two-biters seem to be in bakeries (just saw online, 24 for $79, yikes!)... Have had my fair share of the GOOD, the BAD, and the PRETTY (they never seem to be UGLY).

    Otherwise, anything with Passion Fruit or dark chocolate gets my attention.


  4. Christine & Rebecca,
    Just saw an interesting book at Williams-Sonoma re: Danish bell-shaped treats named "aebleskiver" (although it stands for apple slices, the treat usually has nothing to do with apples). Here are two sites you may like:

    Best wishes!