Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Catch-up! but no Ketchup

Somehow last weekend got away from us. Christine was off wine tasting, and I was catching up on sleep, but we still managed to pump a few things out of the kitchen. A few of them I cannot talk about, as they are super secret recipes for an upcoming bridal shower the bridesmaids and I are hosting for my sister. As a result of those secret recipes, I had a few ingredients left over, which I turned into a delicious chicken satay. I've never made it before and was surprised with how easy it was. Clean-up on the grill press, however, was a different story.

Loved the peanut sauce!

Come Sunday, I had received a requested for something chocolatey and sweet. So I finished the weekend off with a cookie. The same cookie I made the weekend before for my family, who loved it. Delicious chocolate cookie using white chocolate chips. I swear the batch I made the weekend before tasted better, maybe it was because we ate them at the Santa Anita Race Track, in the sun, watching horses race, on a three day weekend, maybe just maybe. Work had no problem consuming the current batch of beauties though. I swear they were gone in five minutes, a new record for my coworkers.

Mmm mmmm good.

Two casualties occurred in the kitchen over the weekend. Apple pie fell on the floor while cooling, which was quickly cleaned up. And a jar of lemon pepper smashed into a glorious mess of glass shards and lemon rinds. One less spice to put away now. Christine also made a wonderful peanut-pretzel chocolate chip cookie this weekend which I believe she'll post later, and other tasty items. Oh, and how awesome is it to wake up Sunday morning at the same time your roommate is pulling popovers out of the oven with some to share? Very awesome.

Having lemon on my mind from the lemon pepper incident and all the citrus I bring back from Upland, Monday night's dinner consisted of Chicken Piccata. I made a bunch of substitutions (no tomatoes, less broth, more wine, no capers) so do what you will with the recipe. It will taste great any which way.

Pasta rollers hard at work. I don't recommend making homemade pasta when you come home from work starving.

Oodles of Noodles.


  1. Coming home to the lemon chicken & pasta was the best part of my day!! :)